About Rupert X

Born in the turbulent summer of 1959, in London, England, he ran wildly about the globe with his parents , until settling in Massachusetts in 1972. After being asked to leave his high-school in 1977, he enlisted in the U.S.Navy – at the age of 17. An avid (yet terrible) motocross racer and fan, he thought his pastime demanded more press, so, In 1992, he began writing about the sport of MOTOCROSS for newspapers and other periodicals, including; the AMA D-11 and D5 newsletters (Racer X paper), Cycle News, Cycle USA, MX East, MX America , Practice Track and, some other things he’s forgot. Additionally, he penned articles, interviews, and various stories for RacerX magazine, MXRacer and Moto Playground magazines, the AMASupercross.com website, VitalMX and, several others. Today he resides in Central Ohio as a retired Navy man, sometimes groundskeeper, proud father of three and, grandfather of two. When not throwing the ball for his dog, Sammy – he’s sipping hoppy beers and tinkering on his’67 Chevrolet El-Camino.